Desmond Tan expecting baby girl, says wife's pregnancy cravings have been 'pretty easy'

The Singapore actor said that the couple's ideal number of kids is three, but they should see what the 'whole experience is like first after the first one'.

Desmond Tan and his wife are expecting a baby girl. (Photo: The Celebrity Agency)
Desmond Tan and his wife are expecting a baby girl. (Photo: The Celebrity Agency)

Following Rebecca Lim's announcement of her pregnancy last month, another Singapore celebrity is stepping into the realm of parenthood. Local actor Desmond Tan revealed on Wednesday (4 Oct) that he is expecting a baby girl with his wife, who is four months pregnant.

The 37-year-old actor first shared the good news on social media platform Instagram, adding that the baby is due in 2024. “Every day, we're still in awe that we have a tiny miracle on the way.”

Tan told 8days that they found out about the pregnancy one morning while he was filming the Mediacorp drama All That Glitters.

The actor said his wife came into the room while he was getting ready for work and “gave me a weird look” before showing him the results.

“We were both very happy because it's something we have wished for,” he said.

Tan’s wife is his girlfriend of 12 years, whom he married in France in December 2021. Her identity is unknown, as he wishes to keep his personal life private.

The couple had hoped to get pregnant within the first two years of marriage, and would like more kids in the future.

The news of a baby girl is also a joyous one as they wanted a girl as their first child.

Tan explained to 8days, “We imagined that the elder sister will take care of the younger brother or sister.”

While three is the “ideal number”, with a minimum of two so his kid can have a sibling, Tan quipped that he and his wife should see “what the whole experience is like first after the first one”.

The biggest challenge

Right now, Tan is trying to spend as much time as possible at home, and said that the first trimester has been pretty smooth.

Aside from his wife’s morning sickness, there aren’t “a lot of bad symptoms” apart from the occasional muscle soreness.

The biggest challenge, he shared, was trying to figure out what his wife can and cannot eat. Yet, the actor admitted that the pregnancy cravings have been “pretty easy”.

He said, “I'll ask her in the morning ‘What do you feel like having today?’ and she'll tell me a certain dish and I'll say ‘Okay let's go!’.”

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