Dayo Wong denies CNY movie is a co-production with China

14 Jan – With so many Hong Kong movies being boycotted by protesters for supposedly being co-produced with a mainland studio, Dayo Wong recently took to social media to deny once and for all that his Lunar New Year film, "The Grand Grandmaster" was one of these co-productions.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who also wrote and directed the upcoming film, shared that the movie is purely a Hong Kong film, and that he decided not to seek mainland investors in order to shoot freely without censorship and create a movie that is faithful to his vision.

"This is a movie that is fully invested by Hong Kong. It will be shown to the Hong Kong people. It is not a co-production," he added.

Dayo also stated that he didn't make the movie with the aim to earn multi-millions in profit, adding jokingly that it may not even enable him to buy a new house.

As for reports that he shot the film in Shenzhen, the actor said that it was because of the budget.

"The money I have was enough to just shoot 15 days in Hong Kong, but the film takes 50 days to complete, and [shooting in Shenzhen] is the only way to do it," he added.

Dayo reiterated that the film was just a project of a silly guy who sold his assets just to make his dream come true.

"The whole bank thought I was a fool, selling a house to shoot a movie. In this current environment, there is a 99 percent chance that I won't recoup my investment. I just want to tell you the truth because it is important. Thank you, everybody."

(Photo Source: Mingpao)