David Siu hopes PolyU siege ends soon

19 Nov– Former TVB actor David Siu recently expressed helplessness over the situation in his alma mater, the Polytechnic University, following the siege and clashes between the police and protesters who flocked the area earlier this week.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who was asked about the situation recently, stated that he wasn't able to sleep after hearing about it, and decided to communicate with the teachers and members of the alumni to help resolve the issue.

"I have joined the petition to call for the police to stop the use of violence inside and outside PolyU area, for the police to promise peaceful exit for everyone inside, and for everybody inside the PolyU to evacuate as soon as possible," he said.

David stressed his belief that a political problem should be resolved politically, and not through violence.

"God bless Hong Kong, God bless PolyU," he added.

On Monday, 18 November, the Hong Kong police blocked exits around the Polytechnic University in an attempt to get protesters to surrender themselves, subsequently causing hundreds of students and others trapped inside as well. Protesters who tried to escape were also forced back with tear gas and rubber bullets.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)