Dave Wang wants to quit the music industry?

19 Jun - Taiwanese singer Dave Wang recently surprised many when he announced that he is making his exit.

As reported on CNA, the singer recently appeared on the show, "Golden Melody", where he performed three of his popular songs, including his 1987 hit "A Game A Dream".

However, during an interview subsequent to the performance he suddenly said, "This is the last album. After I finish singing it, I will leave."

When Mickey Huang, who was also invited as a guest on the show asked him directly if he was talking about retiring from the music industry after the release of his new album, Dave silently nodded.

Dave, whose last album, "Goodbye Madman" was released in 2007, shared that he has written 10 to 20 songs in the past 10 years, and is satisfied with the finished product. Therefore, he has quietly decided to make it his last one.

In a Weibo post that he shared later on, Dave said that he has lost his original voice and could no longer bear singing his old songs.

At the same time, many speculated that Dave wasn't actually talking about retiring from music, and that the singer might have meant that he would like to take a temporary break from the industry after spending so much time recording the new album.

(Photo Source: Dave )