Dasmond Koh wrote a song in tribute to Aloysius Pang titled This World Without You

Dasmond Koh shared a music video for the song he wrote in tribute to Aloysius Pang during a memorial for the late actor. (Screenshots from Facebook videos)

SINGAPORE — Dasmond Koh, the manager of the late actor Aloysius Pang, wrote a song in tribute to him as the anniversary of his death approached. He shared a music video for the song, titled This World Without You, during a memorial for Pang yesterday (5 January).

Koh also shared the music video for the Mandarin song on his Facebook page yesterday (5 January). The video features black-and-white footage of Pang with Koh and his fellow actors.

28-year-old Pang died on 23 January, 2019 after sustaining crush injuries during a military training incident with his SAF unit, 268 Singapore Artillery, in New Zealand. The Mediacorp actor was pinned by an artillery gun barrel to the interior wall of a Singapore Self-Propelled Howitzer.


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His death caused a huge outpouring of grief, as well as concerns over the general safety of NS men. The Ministry of Defence launched an inquiry into Pang’s death, and eventually two Singapore Armed Forces servicemen were charged for causing death by negligence, and were fined by the military court last November.

Pang’s fans, family and colleagues gathered yesterday for a memorial to him at the premises of his artiste management agency, NoonTalk Media. Two hundred seats that were made available to the public via online registration were all filled.

Here is the livestream of the one-hour memorial event:

One of Pang’s two older brothers, Jefferson, said as he held back his emotions, “They say time will heal. That’s what people say when such things happen. But I can tell you honestly... Every single day just reminds us of his absence. Not a single day passes... (he trails off.) My nephew was just asking me where is zek zek (uncle in dialect).”

Koh, a former DJ before he started NoonTalk Media, said in Mandarin during the memorial, “In the past year since Aloysius’ passing, not one day has been a good day... we organised a simple memorial today because Aloysius wasn’t the type to have wanted a fancy event.”

The 47-year-old added, “I have just a little ability in song writing; a while ago, I wrote this song for Aloysius which I would like to share with you.” According to Koh’s Facebook post, the music video was supported by the Speak Mandarin Campaign and music producer Hubert Ng.

A verse from the song lyrics says:

I wish I could embrace you
Have a long chat with you
Sing a song with you
Let time shorten our lonely distance.

This is the music video of the song This World Without You penned by Koh:

Pang’s girlfriend when he died, 28-year-old actress Jayley Woo, posted a note addressed to him on Instagram yesterday. She reportedly did not attend the memorial event. Woo wrote in her post, “If you were still around, we would have been together for five years. Everything still seems unreal... I’m fine, and I’ll get better.” She asked Pang to visit her in her dreams.