Danny Pang assures financial situation is better now

23 May - Danny Pang recently assured that his financial situation is doing much better now several months following the news of him filing for bankruptcy.

As reported on Mingpao, the filmmaker, who is one part of the Pang Brothers duo alongside brother Oxide Pang, revealed that he has signed a film contract in time to save himself from going bankrupt.

"The most difficult period is over and the rest will be left to me. I will try my best to live well every day," he said.

Danny's wife was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer
Danny's wife was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer

When asked about his wife's health condition, Danny said that she is doing her best to fight the cancer, and that his sister-in-law is taking care of her while he is working.

Danny is currently helming the new movie, "The Scavenger" (working title), starring Carlos Chan, Cheung Man Kit, Sabrina Ng, and Josie Ho, the latter who is also producing the project.

It was back in December last year that Danny was reported to have accumulated a debt of over HKD 2 million and was filing for bankruptcy. The director was revealed to have used all his savings and loaned more money in order to pay for his wife's medical treatment, after she was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.

(Photo Source: am730, ST Headline)