Daniel Wu denies supporting Hong Kong secession

Heidi Hsia

22 Aug – Daniel Wu has recently dismissed rumours that he is supportive of Hong Kong splitting from China and forming a country of its own.

On 21 August, the actor-producer took to Weibo to clarify his position on the issue, writing, "I have just come back from a long vacation to find that rumour mongers are accusing me of supporting Hong Kong secession and now some media are reporting this fake news."

Stressing that it is further than the truth, Daniel wrote, "Although I am not a Hong Konger, I have deep feelings for Hong Kong but let's make things clear here: I do not support Hong Kong secession! That is a ridiculous and illogical idea that will not work and I do not stand by that in anyway whatsoever."

He also stated that he has no qualms pursuing full legal action against any party who continues to spread such false news, saying that it could constitute slander, which is punishable by law.

(Photo Source: Daniel Wu Instagram)