Dad gets horrific injuries after saving twins from burning home

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A brave father has suffered serious burns after running in to save his twin daughters from a vicious house fire.

On July 16, Ray Lucas and Shi’Ann Brown, both 23, were running an errand while family watched their twin daughters, Malaysia and Milan, 18 months.

While Mr Lucas and Ms Brown were out at a convenience store in Michigan, an electrical fire started in the home's basement and quickly engulfed the home.

Mr Lucas' mother was outside the home trying to get some help, CNN reported.

According to a GoFundMe, some of the family were able to escape the home, but Malaysia and Milan were still inside by the time their parents got home.

Pictured are 18-month-old twins Malaysia and Milan.
Malaysia and Milan were trapped inside the burning home when their parents returned home from the store. Source: GoFundMe

"Without hesitation" Mr Lucas ran inside the burning house, making his way through the flames to save his daughters.

Mr Lucas said it was his fatherly instinct which compelled him to run into the home and save his girls.

"I was speechless. Action took over me. I ran into the house to get my babies," he told CNN.

"I'm looking at it as a father. I did anything that any other father would do or should do."

He said once he was inside, he could not see anything due to the smoke, though once he reached his daughters, he was "happy" to see they were responsive.

Malaysia and Milan were taken to hospital, where one was admitted to the ICU, while the other twin received medical treatment, while Mr Lucas was also severely burned.

"This young Heroic father was severely burned while rescuing and saving his twin babies life (sic)," it says on the GoFundMe.

Pictured is father, Ray Lucas and the burns on his face.
Father, Ray Lucas, suffered severe burns to his face while saving his daughters from a house fire. Source: GoFundMe

"He sustained 2nd and 3rd degree burns to his face, eyes, neck, arms and other parts of his body in additional to smoke inhalation."

Mr Lucas is now concerned he will not be able to go back to work anytime soon given the extent of his injuries.

The home was completely destroyed in the blaze which spread to three floors of the home, with the young family losing everything, including heirlooms Ms Brown will never be able to replace.

The GoFundMe has already surpassed the goal of $40,000 ($A54,444) and has now raised $450,290 ($A612,889) for Mr Lucas, Ms Brown and the twins.

Pictured are the twin girls in hospital following the fire.
The 18-month-old twins were also taken to the hospital, where they were treated in the ICU. Source: GoFundMe

"Please help us to bless this young man, the babies and their mother Shi’Ann so that they may secure a new home, and restore and furnish a new home environment for the family to live," the GoFundMe says.

"With such things like furniture, baby beds and baby furniture, in addition to diapers and clothing for both of the twin babies and clothing for the baby’s mother and the father."

Money raised will also help cover the family's medical bills.

People who donated to the GoFundMe praised Mr Lucas' heroism and his selfless actions which saved his daughters' lives.

You can donate to the GoFundMe here.

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