Crystal Zhang loses luggage in Cannes

17 May - Crystal Zhang's excitement of attending the Cannes Film Festival was dampened after she lost her luggage as she arrived in France.

On 15 May, the Chinese actress took to Weibo to ask for netizens' help, saying that she found out that her luggage was lost after she landed in the country.

"I have filled out a lost form and called [Air France], but there has been no response and I have not been contacted yet. There are clothes in the suitcase that I prepared to participate in the activities. If anyone got the wrong luggage, please contact me," she wrote.

The actress shared a declaration receipt from Air France
The actress shared a declaration receipt from Air France

At the same time, Crystal also asked for those who have experienced similar issues with Air France in the past to share how they resolve the problem.

It is noted that China is coming back to the festival in a big way this year, after reducing its presence since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Update: Looks like Crystal's luggage has been found for she looked gorgeous on the red carpet at the festival

(Photo Source: Crystal Zhang Weibo)