Crystal Fung denies being Charles Chan's "favourite"

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19 Nov – Crystal Fung has recently dismissed rumours that she is now living a luxury life on the expense of former TVB Chairman, Dr. Charles Chan.

As reported on Mingpao, allegations of the actress' affair with the businessman sparked recently, when sources claimed that she has moved from her home in Sham Shui Po to a large unit in Malibu LOHAS Park in Tseung Kwan O that is priced in the millions.

Many also noticed that Crystal has also been posting luxury handbags on social media and lives luxuriously, prompting the rumours that she is now "Charles Chan's favourite".

Speaking to the media regarding the rumours, Crystal said that she is upset over reports of her being something more than a former employee to the former TVB boss.

"He is no longer with TVB now and I had never contacted him privately," she said.

Crystal hinted at paying for everything she owned by saying that she has been lucky to receive a lot of job opportunities in TVB.

"I signed a ten-year long contract without saying anything. I dedicated my youth to the company, so it is reasonable for the company to use me well," she said.

As for moving to Tseung Kwan O, the actress stated that she is currently living near her family and did so in order to help take care of her parents - as her mother has been in poor health and wanted to spend more time with her.

"The place I currently live in is not at all in the same location that the tabloids reported. It was also a rental. I didn't buy the place," she said.

As for the luxury handbags she owned, Crystal stated that her father would buy her mother handbags from time to time and that the latter would often share them with her.

Crystal is the latest artiste to be linked to Charles Chan. Last year, Samantha Ko and Kelly Cheung dismissed similar reports saying that they had received special favours from the businessman.

(Photo Source: Crystal Fung Instagram)

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