Crocs, cold-shoulder tops and puffer jackets should all be banned, say fashion influencers

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
Kat Farmer says she would ban cold shoulder tops. [Photo: Getty]

Cold-shoulder tops, Crocs and puffer jackets might be popular wardrobe additions – but they should all be avoided.

That’s according to Kat Farmer, founder of the Does My Mum Look 40 blog, and Pascale Banks, of the @style_mum Instagram account, who revealed their fashion hates as part of Kate Thornton’s podcast ‘White Wine Question Time’, produced in association with Yahoo.

Kat and Pascale are both asked by Kate, “Is there one item of clothing or an accessory you would banish to the room 101 fashion cupboard, and why?

The fashion pioneers did not hold back, slating everything from Crocs to short-sleeved men’s shirts.

Cold shoulder tops

While cut-out tops proved a micro-trend last year, Kat has absolutely no time for this look.

“I hate cold shoulder tops, particularly jumpers. What is the point of a cold shoulder? I just think they’re a little bit cheap,” she told Kat.

“I’m trying to think of a nice word and I can’t. I have really tried. I’ve offended a whole lot of people.”

“They make my shoulders cold,” Kate agreed, while Pascale added: “No, no, no.”


Crocs – a foam based shoe initially intended for boating – was Pascale’s key crime against fashion.

“Markus Lupfer could put them in his show, I still won’t wear them,” she said, referring to the designer’s 2016 catwalk show, which featured a high-fashion version of Crocs.

“If you’re a doctor and you wear Crocs for work, that’s OK, but they’re not OK on a grown woman.”

“If I found myself at the school gates in a pair of Crocs, I think I would’ve given up on life,” agreed Kate. “I don’t think they’re sexy.”

However, Kate did defend them from a practicality perspective.

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“A Croc is super comfy, I can see the comfort, but I wouldn’t go out in them,” she added .

Puffer gilets and bad jeans

Kat revealed her second pet hate is puffer gilets.

“When men wear them out with a short sleeved T-shirt, it just doesn’t work for me,” she said.

She described her panic when she thought the look was compulsory in the countryside.

“I’d just moved out to the country… I looked at the high street and thought I was going to have to wear a puffy gilet and bad jeans.

“Everything was practical. But I’m not an outdoorsy kind of person so I struggled with it. I do the outdoors in double leopard print. I’m an indoors person!”

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Short sleeved shirts

Kat’s last pet hate? Short-sleeved shirts – but only on men.

“I don’t like blue short sleeved men’s shirts, they look like a postman,” she concluded.

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