Craft workshops in Singapore perfect for couples this Valentine's Day

A young couple looks at a variety of handmade pottery on display. (Photo: Getty Images)

Some people say that one of the keys to happiness is to spend on experiences, not possessions. While material goods do provide happiness, it is fleeting as opposed to the memories you’ll create with experiences such as travelling or trying out a new hobby.

However, sometimes the heavens smile upon us and we’re allowed to have our cake and eat it, and by that we’re talking about craft workshops. From trendy calligraphy classes to more esoteric copper-working sessions, these workshops allow you to dip your feet into new waters while leaving you with a lovely physical memento of your time.

This Valentine’s, why not grab your partner and take part in a craft workshop instead of spending a cliched day at the movies with a lacklustre dinner to boot? After all, couples who create together, stay together.

Leather crafting at Maketh Project

Maketh Project

Created in 2014, Maketh Project holds daily leather crafting workshops for anyone interested in creating beautiful goods out of leather. They have a variety of different workshops where you can make items such as wallets, luggage tags, drawstring pouches, and even shoes!

Prices are really reasonable — a minimal bifold wallet workshop is only $60, which is cheaper than ready-made wallets you get in stores. You’ll even get to personalise your items. Workshops run from 2 hours to 6 hours, depending on what you want to create.

Brush lettering at The Workroom

The Workroom

You’ve seen plenty of calligraphy and hand-lettering posts on your Instagram feed, so why not take the plunge and try it out with your other half? The Workroom runs reasonably-priced workshops for modern calligraphy, brush lettering, rubber stamp-making, and watercolour painting.

We’re particularly enamoured by their two-hour brush lettering class where participants get to try out different mediums and explore brush calligraphy for just $100. Ever wanted to recreate a rainbow-coloured hand-lettered piece for your partner? Well here’s your chance! Places are limited, so move quickly!

Terrarium making at The Plant Story

The Plant Story

Most of us lead busy lifestyles and simply don’t have the time and space to tend to a garden, but who says that means you have to give up on having a bit of greenery around? Terrariums, also known as rainforest gardens, are the perfect way to reconnect with nature without much fussing. Instead of giving your partner flowers this Valentine’s, why not bring them to a terrarium workshop?

The fruits of your labour will be a beautiful companion for a long time to come. There are plenty of terrarium-making workshops in Singapore, but we have our eye on The Plant Story. Each workshop runs for an hour and prices start from $80 inclusive of high-tea.

Candle making at Sally’s Room

Sallys Room

Fancy gifting your other half a scented candle, but don’t want anything generic and ready-made? Then why not take part in a candle making class at Sally’s Room with your partner? Sally’s Room has pretty good reputation amongst local indie candle makers, and for good reason — their candles are well-crafted and utilise soy wax, which burns cleanly.

For $98, you’ll learn how to create your very own container and pillar candles, as well as a cute scented clay ornament in just 3 hours. Besides routinely-scheduled classes, they also accept appointments and customised enquiries.

Floral arrangement at The Bloom Room

The Bloom Room

Are you a romantic chocolates-and-flowers kind of person? Can’t celebrate Valentine’s without a bloom or two? Then try your hand at floral arrangement with your partner!

Besides creating beautiful floral bouquets for fellow romantics, The Bloom Room also holds workshops on floral arrangement. You can choose from hand-tied bouquets or flowers tastefully arranged in a mason jar, but classes for the former are sold out for February.

Nevertheless, the techniques taught in both classes are actually the same — only the method of presentation is different. Classes are priced at $160 and run for 2.5 hours.

Perfume making at Je t’aime Perfumery

Je taime

Though perfumes have a reputation of being a go-to gift for your spouse, along with chocolates and roses, scents are something highly personal and can be hit-or-miss.

A nostalgic scent, a whiff of something from your past can instantly bring back a rush of memories. For $250, you and your partner will get to create personalised fragrances in a 2-hour workshop held by Je t’aime Perfumery.

You’ll also get to take a perfume personality test at the start of the workshop to determine what kind of scent suits you and your partner the most, so there’s no need to worry about not knowing where to start.