Costco Customers Are Saving Major Money on Meat With This Genius Hack

Costco Customers Are Saving Major Money on Meat With This Genius Hack

Costco is already a great option for anyone hoping to save money on groceries, but what if we told you there's a way you can save even more at the warehouse?

If you've ever bought meat at Costco, there's a money-saving trick you absolutely need to know for your next visit. And fair warning, you might want to have your best knives handy because you'll be doing some butchering.

To save money on meat at Costco, it's actually quite simple: always purchase large cuts of meat. Once you've bought the meat, you can then cut it into smaller pieces once you get home.

You might be wondering, "how exactly does this save money?" Well, since you're not paying for labor, you can expect to save several dollars per pound on your preferred cuts.

According to TikTok user @ohkrista, you can save around four to six dollars per pound when you purchase a large cut of meat at Costco and butcher it at home. In her video, she showed the massive amount of beef sirloin she purchased for just $20. The original price would have been closer to $45 if it had been already butchered.

In addition to saving money, purchasing your meat whole comes with a handful of other benefits. By acting as your own butcher, you're able to cut exactly the size of meat you need and potentially curb any waste.

Additionally, by purchasing large pieces of meat, you're likely to also receive all those scraps needed to make an excellent stock.

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