Cosmic Girls ready for 2019 album after first music show win

Wenting Ang
Cosmic Girls performing at Starhub Night of Stars at Marina Bay Sands Theatre on 22 Dec 2018. (PHOTO: Starhub)

K-pop group Cosmic Girls, also known as WJSN, came to Singapore for the first time for the inaugural Starhub Night of Stars last Saturday (22 December). Sitting down with Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore before the awards show, the girls divulged the sights they want to see in Singapore, their expectations for 2019, why member Soobin likens leader Exy to instant noodles, and more.

 Food they want to try

 When asked about what they want to do in Singapore, the first thing that leader Exy could think of is “chilli crabs!” She went on to explain that she had heard that chilli crabs are a must-try in Singapore and hoped that they have the chance to try it.

Exy added that she had heard that the view from Marina Bay Sands’ Infinity Pool is great, and she hoped that the group has some time in their schedule to check it out.

Despite it being the group’s first time to our sunny island, they had met Singapore fans during their promotional activities in South Korea. The group expressed their thanks to the fans who love them, and said that they hoped to come to Singapore as much as possible in the future. 

 “I want to experience being tall”

We asked them to pick a member that they want to switch bodies with, and Soobin let on that she wants to be Yeoreum, who was sitting beside her.

 “She does not get fat even if she eats a lot. She is also very flexible. I want to be Yeoreum for a day and eat all the snacks available.”

 Yeoreum, on the other hand, would choose to be either Eunseo or Dawon for a simpler reason.

 “I am on the shorter side, so I want to experience being tall for once,” said Yeoreum.

 What if the members could pick another member to form a unit with?

 The youngest in the group, Yeonjung, picked Exy to form a unit with. “I am a vocalist, so it would be great if Exy, who is a rapper, could form a unit with me. We can show our musical sides in the unit.”

 However, this unit would come with a catch. “We would perform without any dance choreography,” said Yeonjung. “Just singing and rapping, and no dancing.” The answer came as a surprise for even the members, since WJSN bagged the StarHub Most Charismatic Performance Award on Saturday.

Cosmic Girls arriving at the StarHub Night of Stars Red Carpet event at Marina Bay Sands Theatre on 22 Dec 2018. (PHOTO: Don Wong for Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

 Exy is “like ramen

 When asked what is the one thing that they like about the member next to them, Yeonjung starts the ball rolling, noting that there are just too many reasons why she likes fellow member Bona. “If there is just one thing to pick, then it would be our similar taste for food.”

 Soobin took some time to piece together what she likes about leader Exy, before likening her to instant noodles. “Exy is like ramen. Unhealthy but addictive. She makes people happy, is fun and kind.” The answer pleased the leader, who was busy feeding positive adjectives to Soobin while she was answering the question.  

Seola let on that while she helps to take care of the other members, it is Eunseo who helps her when she needs it, and she makes sure that Seola eats regularly. “I cannot help but like her,” Seola said.

 Eunseo shares a simple reason why she likes Dawon. “She is the only one who can piggyback me.”

 First music show win

Debuting in February 2016, the 10-member girl group just achieved their first music show win recently with their latest song, Save Me, Save You, which was No. 1 song of the week on The Show.

If they could recommend a song to listen to for people who are new to Cosmic Girls, Bona picked their most accomplished song, Save Me, Save You.

However, Eunseo chose Secret, letting on that it is the song that made Cosmic Girls who they are today. “Even if you do not know us, you would have probably heard Secret before.”

 With their most recent music show win, what is in the pipeline for Cosmic Girls in 2019?

“We want to realise more achievements, and wish to receive more love and attention from everyone,” said Exy.

Ahead of their new release in January, Exy said, “We are readying ourselves for our next comeback, and we want to be able to show more colours with the new album.”

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