Corey Feldman: 'Goonies 2' May Never Happen

Jeff Cohen, Sean Astin, Corey Feldman, and Ke Huy Quan in ‘The Goonies’ (Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Goonies never say die, but Goonies fans hoping for a sequel might have to give up the ghost. Speaking with Movieweb, Corey Feldman (who is doing press to promote his new EDM album) offered a reality check on why Goonies 2 is unlikely to happen — or at least, why it’s unlikely to happen with the original cast and director of the 1985 cult classic.

“[The Goonies director] Richard Donner is 87 years old. And it’s like, no one really wants to make it without him,” Feldman told the website. “He’s the driving force behind it. He says it’s still alive. But as we all know… When you get to that age, things slow down quite a bit. There is a big possibility that he might not want to keep driving it.”

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Donner has openly, if noncommittally, entertained the possibility of a Goonies sequel. During Empire magazine’s Goonies reunion in 2009, Donner said that he and producer Steven Spielberg had conducted “many meetings” with potential Goonies 2 writers, but ultimately “nothing stuck” and the idea “seemed disrespectful.” Then in 2014, the director caused a stir when he told TMZ that he and Spielberg were collaborating on Goonies 2 and planned to bring the entire original cast back. Last year, when Uproxx pressed him on the issue, Donner seemed less confident. “If there were going to be another movie it would take us a long time to get it right,” he said. And that’s a sentiment that Feldman echoed to Movieweb.

“It could have a very bad backlash!” the actor acknowledged. “At the end of the day, and I have said this before, the only way a Goonies sequel happens, and is forgivable to the fan base…Is if it is done right. And what does that look like? Obviously I don’t know. Because I’m not Steven Spielberg, I’m not Richard Donner, I’m not [screenwriter] Chris Columbus.”

Feldman did, in fact, pitch a Goonies 2 treatment to Donner at some point, written with his original co-star Sean Astin; according to Feldman, Donner liked their idea but dismissed it as “too expensive.”

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Oddly enough, while Feldman thinks that Goonies 2 might never happen, Astin believes that it’s inevitable. “I have said and will always say, that it’s not a question of if, but rather of when the sequel gets made,” Astin told Tulsa World in September. He went even further while visiting Phoenix ComicCon this spring, broadly hinting to the crowd that his Goonies character Mikey would meet the legendary pirate One-Eyed Willy in the sequel. Feldman’s response?

“Unless Sean has a magic ball somewhere…one of those magic eight balls which is telling him that One-Eyed Willy is going to be starring in a new Goonies film… I have no idea what he is talking about,” Feldman told Movieweb.

Of course, there’s nothing stopping Goonies 2 from going into production with an all-new cast… except producer Steven Spielberg, who is apparently in no rush to make a quick buck off a Goonies reboot. And for that, maybe we should all do a little Truffle Shuffle of thanks. 

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