New coffee shop operated by De Tian opens in Bedok

The Easties are winning yet again and a brand new coffee shop, De Tian has opened an outlet in Bedok Central.

De Tian is a coffee shop franchise that has several locations throughout Singapore. This includes another one in Bedok and a 24-hour operated version of their coffee shop in Bukit Merah. With a well-established presence around Singapore, we can be assured that this new coffee shop will become a reliable foodie haunt in the neighbourhood.

De Tian Bedok North - Coffee Shop Front & Several Shops

In typical De Tian fashion, their newest coffee shop has a plethora of stalls catering to Singapore’s colourful demographic. From a stall selling chwee kueh for those lazy Saturday mornings to one selling nasi padang for a hearty, filling lunch, De Tian has it all.

The newest De Tian in Bedok also includes coffee shop staples like chicken rice at 925 Yishun Hainanese Chicken Rice and chai fan at Fu Lee Economy Rice. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because Fu Lee Economy Rice has 11 outlets all over the country — you’ve probably eaten there without even knowing it.

De Tian Bedok North - Image of different stalls

Out of the many stalls at the new De Tian, a dependable standout would probably be Gimee Face. Unlike many BCM stalls with years of history, Gimme Face is a relatively new kid on the block. With a modern take on bak chor mee and fairly uncommon add-ons to the dish like ajitsuke tamago and imitation abalone, they are the definition of the next gen of BCM.

Admittedly though, I’ve never tried their Abalone Pork Noodle (S$7.30) despite having a Gimme Face right in my hood. Instead, I’ve always simply ordered “bcm mee kia” as if on autopilot. Perhaps it’s time to venture out and try something new. 

As a Westie, it pains me to admit it but it seems that all the good things really do happen in the east. As the Easties say, I guess the East truly is the best side after all.

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