#CircuitBreaker: Tarot Mamta Now Offers Online Tarot Card Readings in Singapore

Tarot Card Reader Mamta now offers online tarot card readings in Singapore to anyone in need of some clarity or guidance. She is conducting her tarot card reading sessions via Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom, Emails or simply a phone call.

With over 18 years of Tarot Card Reading experience, Tarot Mamta is also offering a basic tarot reading course to anyone who wishes to pick up a new skill while we're all encouraged to stay at home.

Vanilla Luxury: What Is An Online Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot Mamta: An online tarot reading session is as accurate, intuitive and insightful as an in-person tarot card reading. Additionally, it's more convenient to get some guidance from the comfort of your own home.

Whether it’s paying your bills or looking for an ideal mate, we are all going online, so why not a tarot reading session? It might seem a bit different or even feel unfamiliar and new but once you try an online tarot card reading session, you would be awed by its ease and convenience.

#CircuitBreaker: Tarot Mamta Now Offers Online Tarot Card Readings in Singapore
#CircuitBreaker: Tarot Mamta Now Offers Online Tarot Card Readings in Singapore

Vanilla Luxury: How Does An Online Tarot Card Reading Work?

Tarot Mamta: An online tarot session can help you see inside yourself and face your obstacles, it can show you what thought or behaviour patterns are blocking and limiting you. The more open you are to receiving the messages from the cards, the deeper you can go into the root of your problem and find solutions or answers.

The process of getting an online tarot reading is actually really simple and a very convenient way to connect with your intuition or to get clarity. Amazing things can happen when you trust your intuition, the gifts and blessings from the spiritual world are abundant.

Vanilla Luxury: Is It As Accurate As An In-Person Session?

Tarot Mamta: Online tarot card reading is just as effective and accurate as an in-person tarot session. You will get the same advantages and services as an in-person session right from the comfort of your bed or couch.

Vanilla Luxury: What Do I Need To Prepare For My Online Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot Mamta: Once you fix an appointment for your tarot card reading session, it would be great to prepare a list of questions or topics you want clarity or answers to. You will need the full name, date of birth of yourself or anyone you would like to ask about. If you have a photo of yourself or them, that would be helpful.

#CircuitBreaker: Tarot Mamta Now Offers Online Tarot Card Readings in Singapore
#CircuitBreaker: Tarot Mamta Now Offers Online Tarot Card Readings in Singapore

Vanilla Luxury: Tell Us More About Your Basic Tarot Course?

Tarot Mamta: Tarot readings are designed to help you navigate through the challenges such as Business, Money, Love, Relationships, Health and more. This Yes/No/Maybe Tarot Course is an entry-level and essential step towards adopting an intuitive approach for major events and situations that occur. The course is designed to act as a cheat sheet to gain clarity.

Vanilla Luxury: Would I Need Any Experience?

Tarot Mamta: No. You just need to have an interest in Tarot Cards as the course comes along with a deck of tarot cards.

Vanilla Luxury: What Kind of Questions Can I Ask For Myself?

Tarot Mamta: Example of questions can be along the lines of 'Should I take that job?', 'Should I invest in this business?', 'Is he/she going to call me?' or 'Is marriage on the cards for us?'.

While you hold the rights to your future, using tarot cards for Yes/No/Maybe puts forth favourable aspects that currently work to your advantage alongside various challenges that may act as a hindrance in attaining your desired outcome.

To know more about Tarot Mamta, visit TarotInSingapore.com or you can reach her at (+65) 9749 9287.

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