Cillian Murphy set to return in new Peaky Blinders movie

Cillian Murphy set to return in new Peaky Blinders movie

The long-awaited Peaky Blinders movie has been officially greenlit by Netflix.

Cillian Murphy is confirmed to be returning as Birmingham gangster Tommy Shelby. The actor will also be part of the production team for the movie, with Steven Knight writing the script and Tom Harper directing (via Deadline). Tom also previously directed three episodes of the Peaky Blinders TV show.

"It seems like Tommy Shelby wasn’t finished with me," Cillian Murphy said of the Netflix news. "It is very gratifying to be recollaborating with Steven Knight and Tom Harper on the film version of Peaky Blinders. This is one for the fans."

Steven Knight also said: "I’m genuinely thrilled that this movie is about to happen. It will be an explosive chapter in the Peaky Blinders story. No holds barred. Full-on Peaky Blinders at war."

peaky blinders netflix movie confirmed

A film spinoff has been in the works since before the final Peaky Blinders TV episode aired back in 2022.

Netflix has yet to confirm which other Peaky Blinders cast members will be returning alongside Cillian, but production will begin later this year. Steven Knight has teased in today's statement that the film timeline could move closer to World War II.

Director Tom has said: "When I first directed Peaky Blinders over 10 years ago, we didn’t know what the series would become, but we did know that there was something in the alchemy of the cast and the writing that felt explosive. Peaky has always been a story about family — and so it’s incredibly exciting to be reuniting with Steve and Cillian to bring the movie to audiences across the world on Netflix.”

Earlier this year, Steven Knight said he was finishing the script and hinted that fans may be surprised by the storyline.

peaky blinders movie confirmed
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"I'm just doing the final polishes, which will continue up until the day before we start shooting. But we're there. We've got everything sorted. We've got all the commitments we need. We are ready to go," he told NME in April.

Murphy is revisiting some of his most iconic work following his Oscar win for Oppenheimer, as he will also be starring in an upcoming 28 Days Later sequel for director Danny Boyle.

Peaky Blinders is available to stream on BBC iPlayer and Netflix.

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