Cillian Murphy’s ‘bomb brooch’ wasn’t meant to be worn by star at Oscars

Cillian Murphy’s nuclear bomb-themed brooch wasn’t intended to be worn by the star at the Oscars.

The 47-year-old actor picked up the best actor gong at Sunday’s (10.03.24) Academy Awards in LA for his role in ‘Oppenheimer’, and was seen sporting a HS14 Gem Brooch by Sauvereign on his tuxedo – along with patent leather Chelsea boots made by Versace and branded “the Dublin boot” in a nod to his Irish roots.

His brooch was inspired by his leading role as the father of the atomic bomb J Robert Oppenheimer, and was crafted from 18-karat solid yellow gold and featured a total of eight concentric trapeziums – in tribute to the inside of the physicist’s devastating invention.

But its designer Bertrand Mak, founder and chief creative of Sauvereign, has now told The Guardian: “Long story short, I had the good fortune of meeting Murphy’s progressive and forward-thinking stylist Rose Forde in London December last.

“Over lunch, she casually mused that she might be looking for a pin for Murphy, and asked if I would work on a design.

“It was never intended for the Oscars, and I would have been content if he were to wear it on his dressing gown.”

The surface of each panel on the brooch was precisely engraved with a sunburst guilloché to give off the effect that light rays were coming out straight from the core – in reference to the atomic blasts seen in ‘Oppenheimer’.

Cillian’s choice to go with the pin followed the trend of brooches for men being the main accessory sported by males at this year’s Oscars.

Barry Keoghan, 31, wore a vintage antler grail while ‘The Bear’ actor Jeremy Allen White, 33, had on a Tiffany and Co piece.

Bertrand added about the ‘Bro-Brooch’ or ‘Lapel Candy’ trend: “In today’s world, it is much more acceptable for men to be flaunting precious and elaborate jewellery, not only on special occasions.

“A brooch is the most versatile of all jewellery gestures, expressive and empowering, which instantly personalises and punctuates any look."