Christy Chung changes daughters surname to Zhang

13 Nov – Actress Christy Chung was revealed to have changed her daughters' surname to Zhang, a year after marrying Chinese actor Golden Zhang.

As reported on ET Today, the actress, who has three daughters from two previous marriages (the eldest Yasmine from her marriage with Glen Ross, as well as Jaden and Cayla from her marriage to music producer Jon Yen) reportedly made the decision after seeing how close the actor is to her three children.

So close is their relationship to him that 7-year-old Cayla even joined Golden in the fourth season of "Where Are We Going, Dad?".

When asked about it recently, Christy responded through the phone that she has indeed changed her three children's surname to Zhang as the actor has proven to be such a great father figure to the three of them.

In a previous interview, the actor, who is 12 years Christy's junior, shared that he is not just a stepfather, but someone who vows to give the three girls the best love a father can give.

(Photo Source: ETtoday)