Christy Chan admits hardship during her time with TVB

Heidi Hsia
·2-min read

14 Jul – There is nothing that Miss Hong Kong 2012 alumna Christy Chan can't do when it comes to work, having experienced the hardship of working as an actor for TVB.

As reported on HK01, the former TVB artiste who sat down for an interview recently, shared that she has been busy managing her own party room and working as a social media influencer, but that it was nothing compared to her time with the company that's allegedly - according to her - infamous for working its artistes to exhaustion.

"When I was a new actor, they actually paid me only HKD28 per hour for a ten episode show filmed in Vietnam. I was a newcomer with no bargaining tool, but even I knew that amount is small. But there was nothing that I could say or do," she said.

Christy stated that she would have increased her own value if she had the choice, and realised that TVB would only give her that if she benefited them in return.

When mentioned that singer Auston Lam was offered only HKD 12,000 to renew his contract, she responded, "I am not surprised."

The actress also stated that she was doing cheap labour when she signed as a full-time artiste with TVB, doing various shows from kids' programme, travel shows, to filming dramas.

However, Christy stated that she had since treated all of it as working experience.

As to why she decided to leave in 2017, Christy said that she was frozen by the company several months before her contract was up for renewal, and came to realise that even being an A-list star would not guarantee that she will make a lot of money with the company.

"Right now, I am making more money than 90 percent of the artistes in TVB," she added.

(Photo Source: Christy Chan Instagram)