Christine Fan deletes online post calling Taiwan Premier inhuman

30 Jan – Christine Fan has recently deleted a Facebook post calling the Taiwan Premier Su Tseng-chang inhuman for halting the export of medical-grade face masks out of the island.

As reported on Mingpao, Christine expressed her disappointment in the decision on Facebook, calling Su's act as a vulgar move and expressing her hope that the news was wrong.

"Can this corrupt official still be considered human? Look what is going on! This [expletive] surely could not be this inhumane!" she wrote.

Although the post had since been deleted, several netizens were still able to screenshot it and share it online, prompting Christine to apologise for her outburst.

She wrote, "I am very sorry for the emotional words I wrote on Facebook. I had no intention to cause social disturbance. I just hope that we will have more love and tolerance. I acknowledge my wrongdoing and will work hard to be a better person."

On the other hand, mainland netizens are accusing Su's move as "politicised", saying that the Taiwanese Premier just wants them "to die".

The Premier made the decision on 24 January, saying that they are temporarily halting the export of face masks to ensure enough supplies on the island to prevent the Wuhan Coronavirus due to a pause in manufacturing during the Lunar New Year.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)