Chris Tiu on Guy's Grooming

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Professional basketball player, public servant, TV host, model, entrepreneur and Master endorser, Chris Tiu, shows a lot of dedication to what he does. He is no doubt an inspiration and a role model to the youth.

Despite having numerous responsibilities, Chris makes sure to take care of himself. Find out what his thoughts are when it comes to grooming.

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Chris says that the perception that men are not into grooming is “old school thinking already.” He thinks that the modern man now takes good care of himself— physically, socially, spiritually, and in all aspects.

Aside from having devoted basketball fans, Chris, with a charming boy-next-door look, also attracts a lot of women. As early as high school, Chris learned the importance of grooming. “When I started to have friends from the opposite gender, I started to become conscious of how I look.”

Grooming has become a part of Chris’ lifestyle. A couple of bad experiences made him take it seriously. “When I don’t take care of myself specially my face, I start getting pimples. If I use the wrong shampoo, I start getting dandruff,” he shares.

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Chris also thinks that women, when very particular with personal grooming and hygiene, influence men’s sense of grooming.  He adds that when men see that their wives or girlfriends are into personal care, it will naturally follow (that men will do the same.)  “It entails a commitment on both ends to become a lifestyle for both,” he says.

And finally when asked who his image influences are. “Someone who’s very clean and fresh-looking all the time,” he describes. No wonder Chris embodies that look!

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