Chris Lee learns of women's struggle through new series

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

15 Sep – Taiwanese actor Chris Lee recently admitted that he has learned a lot about the hardship that women have to go through when it comes to the topic of pregnancy after filming the new series, "Mother To Be".

As reported on Epoch Times, the actor who spoke to the media at the promotional event of the said series, stated, "Most men would avoid the subject of infertility and ignore the problem that exist between their wife and their mothers. However, filming the series made me realise how challenging it was for women and how much they have to suffer when it comes to having a baby."

Chris, who is still unmarried in real life, revealed that he plays a man torn between picking his mother or his wife's side. When asked what he would do if he has to choose to save between the two if they were on a boat, he responded jokingly, "I will jump into the water first."

Speaking about his current status, the actor said he is not worried about being unmarried since most of his family members marry late.

"Since there are three boys in the family, my mother hopes that we could bring some female influence in the family. Right now I am delegating that task to my brother," he said with a smile.

"Mother To Be" revolves around the life and issues facing three women, and will touch on the topics of marriage, birth and infertility.

(Photo Source: Epoch Times)