Chris Evans shares bald Captain America photo from 'Avengers: Endgame'

Gregory Wakeman
Chris Evans shares Captain America picture

WARNING: There are MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for Avengers: Endgame. So if you’re somehow yet to see the Marvel behemoth then please don’t read on.

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Chris Evans has taken to Twitter to celebrate the continued success of Avengers: Endgame by sharing a behind the scenes image of an aged Captain America.

But while the wrinkles around his eyes and, especially, on his neck are something to behold, the most alarming part of the picture is the fact that Evans is completely bald.

Unsurprisingly, the stupendously attractive actor still looks spiffing even as a bald old-man. You can check out the picture below.

Evans, who is very active on Twitter, but usually uses it to attack Donald Trump and his supporters, has used the last few weeks to share numerous videos and images from the set of Endgame, which is expected to mark the end of his Marvel tenure.

We say expected, because it was widely anticipated that Evans’s Captain America would die in the blockbuster.

Instead he managed to survive Thanos. Right at the end of the film Steve Rogers went back in time to return the Infinity Stones, only to remain in the past so that he could live with his old love Peggy Carter.

Chris Evans in Endgame

In the final scene of the film, a now elderly Rogers passed on his Vibranium shield to Sam Wilson and told him that he is now Captain America. It is all rather beautiful and emotional, especially when the film cuts to Rogers and Carter slowly dancing decades earlier.

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But while Steve Rogers still being alive means there is a chance he might return, Evans has repeatedly insisted that Endgame will be his final Marvel film.

You might have noticed that Avengers: Endgame has been doing rather well at the box office. It has amassed £1.77 billion ($2.328 billion) in just over 2 weeks, which means it is on the cusp of eclipsing Avatar’s £2.41 billion ($2.788 billion) to make it the highest grossing film of all time.