Chewy chocolate? No.81 Mochi is selling Milo Dino Mochi this Raya season

You’ve heard of mochi and muah chee. You’ve had your fair share of Milo dinosaur drinks. But have you ever combined the two?

No.81 Mochi - Milo Dino Mochi

In celebration of Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2023, No.81 Mochi is selling Milo Dino Mochi! The stall, which is located at Petaling Street, is combining their famous mochi with Malaysia’s favourite chocolate-flavoured malt drink. 

The gelatinous mochi is made with real Milo, and is tossed around in their classic crushed peanut and sugar coating. Then, they top it off with even more Milo powder for maximum chocolatey goodness, similar to what you get with a Milo dinosaur beverage. A box of ready cut Milo Dino Mochi costs RM10.

No.81 Mochi - Milo Mochi Gift Box

You can purchase your mochi in their standard plastic container, or you can choose the Milo Mochi Gift Box (RM30) if you wish to gift this dessert to a friend. You have to be quick though, as this is limited to 50 boxes.

No.81 Mochi is constantly creating innovative mochi to fuse modern flavours into this traditional treat. They come up with new seasonal flavours for every occasion. This year alone, they reintroduced their Ribena Mochi in conjunction with Valentine’s Day. For the Chinese New Year festivities, they released Nian Gao Mochi— the glutinous flour and sugar mixture was steamed till it turned golden brown. 

In addition to that, the stall has also sold flavours like dragon fruit and mango, which were made using real fruits. They even had pumpkin flavoured mochi just for Halloween!

No.81 Mochi - Mix flavoured muah chee

On a day-to-day basis, No.81 Mochi specialises in 4 flavours: Original, Pandan, Black Sesame, and sweet and tangy Orange. You don’t have to pick just 1 either, customers can mix and match the flavours to get a taste of everything the stall has to offer.

If that isn’t enough customisation for you, customers can now select their sugar level. They offer a zero sugar option, less sugar, and normal sugar.

Fans of soft, glutinous desserts like muah chee, mochi, and kuih kochi are bound to love No.81 Mochi. Be sure to drop by before the Raya season is over!

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