Cheez-It Snap’d Is Helping Americans ‘Snap’ Out of Their Lunch Rut With Two New Flavors

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It’s no secret that lunchtime isn’t what it used to be. It’s the meal to work through, forget or skip for anything that’s a better use of time. Each day, we throw together the same thing between two slices of bread and hope for “good enough,” not good.

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Cheez-It Snap’d wants to let America know there’s a better, more satisfying way to enjoy lunch. The crispy, cheesy bites can be the sandwich side that will give you a whole new lease on your midday meal. The flavorful crisps are meant to give sad sandwich makers a cheesy, delicious kick to their lunchtime blues.

Americans can now break through the meal malaise and spice up their lunchtime sandwich game with two new limited-edition Cheez-It Snap’d flavors: Smoked Bacon & Cheddar and Parmesan Ranch. These thin, crispy and cheesy baked snacks are bursting with flavor to bring out the best in your lunch, no matter what it looks like. The Smoked Bacon & Cheddar crisps give lunchtime meals a smokey, cheesy crunch, while Parmesan Ranch packs a zesty punch as a sandwich side. Both new flavors provide sad sandwich makers with a tasty, cheesy accompaniment for their midday meal creations.

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These new flavors and the entire Cheez-It Snap’d line can be found at retailers nationwide to level up your own lunch.

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