Cheer Chen feels wronged after found dating married man

27 Dec – Cheer Chen's camp is asking the media and public alike to give the singer some space, following the revelation that she has been seeing a married man.

As reported on UDN, the issue sparked earlier this week, when the Taiwanese singer-songwriter was spotted acting chummy with a 40-something bespectacled man at a small park following an appearance at her company's event.

Cheer later left the area in the man's BMW, followed by her rumoured lover soon after - who was observed heading towards the direction of the singer's residence.

When asked about the relationship between the two initially, her management company stated that they do not interfere in their artiste's private affair and asked for everybody to give Cheer some space.

However, soon after, netizens began digging for the identity of the said man, and found out that he is actually married and already has two kids - making Cheer the third party.

The company had since released another statement, saying, "Cheer Chen has only known him shortly, and was unaware of the other party's family situation. She feels wronged right now. Please allow her some time to deal with it, thank you."

Prior to the controversy, Cheer was in a long-time relationship with musician boyfriend Tiger Chung. The two broke up in May this year but remain good friends with each other.

(Photo Source: HK01)