"Chase Me" host receives threatening packages

22 Jan – Chinese TV personality Haman Hu recently revealed that he has received two suspicious packages that prompted him to file a report to the police.

As reported on Epoch Times, Haman, who hosted shows like "The Voice of China" and the controversial reality show "Chase Me", took to social media to share the incident, writing, "I received two packages one after another yesterday (16th), which required me to sign it myself. The contents inside shocked and scared me."

Haman said that it was not the first time that he has received such a package, and that he considered it an act of intimidation.

"I decided to hand it over to the authorities and the legal department. Yesterday, a report was made to the west branch of the Public Security Bureau, and I am cooperating with the investigation," he added.

Haman implored everybody to be rational and factual when deciding to act on something, adding that he doesn't want to indulge the wrongdoers with his silence any longer.

Although the TV host gave no reason as to why he became the victim of such threat, many speculated that it might have something to do with the death of late actor Godfrey Gao, who passed away on the set of Zhejiang TV's reality show, "Chase Me" - the same show that Haman hosts.

Last month, Haman expressed his plan to leave the broadcasting company to become an independent producer, but decided not to do so soon after.

(Photo Source: Sina Weibo)