Charmaine Sheh won't go on reality show for love

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

22 Oct – Although she is still single at the age of 45, Charmaine Sheh has no plans at all to join reality dating shows for the sake of finding love.

As reported on ToPick, the actress who appeared on the mainland talk show, "Shining Talks" gave that response when the interviewer told her that she should participate in "Meeting Mr. Right" - the dating show that has united Joe Chen and her partner Alan Chen.

"A big part of my life has been very open to the public. I hope when it comes to this, it would be private," she said.

Despite saying no to such shows, Charmaine said that she still looks forward to finding the right man and getting married.

Asked if she ever regrets not tying the knot at a younger age when most of her fellow Miss Hong Kong alumni married rich, she said, "If I didn't get married, it was because the man was not suitable for me."

She admitted that she didn't think about settling down at the time, and that she had just wanted to pursue her career and work.

(Photo Source: hknet)