Charlene Choi denies third party in breakup

30 Nov - Charlene Choi recently addressed her breakup from boyfriend Anthony Shi for the first time since it was first reported in August.

The singer, who appeared at a brand promotion event in Sheung Wan on 28 November, dismissed the notion that there was a third-party involvement when it comes to the end of her relationship with the "Mahjong Prince".

"After the separation, as far as I know, he was miserable. He was slandered but had no platform to clarify. In fact, we are still good friends and often have meals together. But it is normal for a single man or a single woman to be pursued," she said.

Asked if Anthony would attend the TWINS' concert, Charlene said that the businessman has already asked her to reserve a seat for him.

The singer is busy rehearsing for upcoming concert
The singer is busy rehearsing for upcoming concert

As to whether there is a chance for them to rekindle their romance, Charlene said that she will put personal relationships aside for now.

"I have no time to think about it. I am living a good life," she added.

Asked if she is opened to new romance, the singer joked that it has never been closed, saying, "It's like a 24-hour convenience store."

(Photo Source: Charlene Choi IG)