Chang Shu-wei and Orange Hsieh held wedding reception

11 Jun - Joe Chang (aka Chang Shu-wei) finally held his wedding with wife Orange Hsieh, six months after they registered their marriage.

On 9 June, the couple held a wedding banquet at the Taipei Marriott Hotel, serving guests at 36 tables that cost about NTD 3 million. Many friends in the circle came to congratulate the couple, including members of Energy.

Speaking to the media at the wedding, Joe said that he is much calmer now that the wedding day finally came.

"I burst into tears when I saw my father-in-law held Orange's hand as they entered the venue. I promised him that I will not let him down," he said.

He also revealed that Orange took care of all the arrangements for the wedding, and jokingly added that he was only responsible for signing the thank you cards.

As for baby plans, the singer-turned-actor said that he will wait for his wife to conclude her drama project as well as for Energy's concert to end before they plan their honeymoon and make baby plans.

It is noted that Joe and Orange met in March 2023 after doing a drama together. They announced their relationship in May before registering their marriage in December.

The couple with members of Energy
The couple with members of Energy

(Photo Source: Joe Chang IG)