Celebs undergo COVID-19 tests after Hins Cheung concert

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10 Jan – Several celebrities had to undergo COVID-19 tests following news that an infected couple had visited Hins Cheung on 3 January while he was still holding his Hong Kong series of concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum.

Dr Chuang Shuk Kwan, Head of the Communicable Disease Branch of the Hong Kong Centre for Health Protection, recently stated that those who had been to the concert the same night have been required to undergo mandatory testing, but are not required to be classified as close contacts for the time being.

Among the celebrities who performed at the event include C AllStar, STARS Academy performers like Gigi Yim and Archie Sin, as well as fellow celeb friends who attended the concert including Nancy Wu, Joel Chan, Elaine Yiu and Paisley Wu.

On the other hand, Nancy recently posted online that she is doing well, having gone to the hospital for a COVID test and was found negative for the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, TVB has also released a statement that Gigi and Archie have been tested negative. The two are set to perform at the Yan Chai Charity Show.

Hins and the crew involved in the concert have also been informed of the situation and asked to undergo similar tests.

C AllStar performed alongside Hins Cheung
C AllStar performed alongside Hins Cheung

(Photo Source: Emperor Entertainment Group Facebook, SOHU)