Celebs slam online hate against Singapore 'K-pop girl group' Beaunite

Elizabeth Tong
Entertainment Reporter
Beaunite Singapore (Photo: YouTube | Screenshot)

Netizens did not hold back with their comments about the 13 teenagers who uploaded a video introducing themselves as a ‘K-pop girl group’ called Beaunite (pronounced ‘byu-night’). The vitriol came from all over Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, causing the group to close its accounts on those social media networks.

Here is a video of the girls introducing themselves:

While some netizens are up in arms over the teens calling themselves a ‘K-pop girl group’, some of Singapore’s own starlets have spoken out in support of the girls, including singer Nathan Hartono, social media stars Preetipls and Dee Kosh, and radio DJ Nic Shields.

Preetipls, who is known for her parody videos, was apparently very frustrated by requests to parody Beaunite.

YouTuber Dee Kosh also did not see the point in bashing the group, and released a barrage of tweets targeting haters for their comments, starting with this one:

Radio DJ Nic Shields also shared a tweet about the group, along with a retweet stating that Beaunite already have hate accounts dedicated to them.

Singer Nathan Hartono, who finished third in last year’s Sing! China competition, also came to the defence of the group:

Blogger Xiaxue, who got into a Twitter war with fans of K-pop groups Monsta-X and EXO earlier this year, kept quiet on the issue, choosing to only share Hartono’s tweet.

A member of a K-pop dance cover group in Singapore, who declined to be named, said “aspiring to be like your idols or role models isn’t wrong”.

“In fact, it’s healthy for youths to have dreams and goals to work towards to,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore. “The unfortunate thing about these girls is that they took things the wrong way, and that in turn caused a public controversy and bad image on K-pop cover dancers as a whole,” she said.

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