How celebrity mums are spending quality time with their children amid the pandemic

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It can be challenging to spend quality time with your children, especially as working mums. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting how people spend their time, be it the change to work-from-home or a slow down in work, we see more mums getting creative in their interactions with their children on social media.

From rollerskating at night to filming music videos together, Yahoo Lifestyle SEA looks at some of the ways celebrity mums are spending time with their children and hopefully, we’d be penning a few pointers down ourselves.

1. Zoe Tay

The Queen of Caldecott Hill shared a sweet Facebook post about her son, showing off their strong mother-son bond in both the uploaded photos and captions accompanying the post. “Us in August. When you are young, I held your hand. Now, I follow in your footsteps. Let’s hold hands together and never let go,” Zoe Tay wrote in Chinese.

Tay even uploaded videos of her eldest son teaching her how to rollerskate and tagged them with funny and encouraging hashtags like “my son gave up teaching me”, “life can still be fun even in the pandemic”, “you are right by my side”, and “happiness can be very simple”. One of the videos also showed Tay finally managing to rollerblade with her son, and the duo held hands in mid-skate, receiving comments from Tay’s fans that they are jealous of their mother-son relationship.

2. Sheila Sim

Having a photoshoot to mark her baby girl’s tenth month is what local actress and model Sheila Sim did. Sharing a Facebook post with six photos of her and her daughter Layla Woo, Sim wrote, “Thank you for giving me the privilege of being a mum. After having you, did I realise how much I’ve always wanted to be a mum. You’ve been everything I’ve prayed for and more.”

With her daughter transiting onto solids, Sim also shared in one of her Instagram posts that “Every meal is an adventure for mama and Layla, pushing boundaries with flavours and texture.”

3. Violet Fenying

With more than 20 years as a DJ with Mediacorp, Violet Fenying recently uploaded a TikTok dance video with her daughter, Radiance Chia, after sharing a couple of TikTok videos of herself earlier last month. While it is their first TikTok together on her channel, it is not the first time the mother-daughter duo had filmed videos together.

On top of filming TikToks with her daughter, Fenying also shared a recent talk she gave at her son’s school about her journey as a radio deejay and spending more quality time with her son.

4. Vivy Yusof

Malaysian entrepreneur and TV personality Vivy Yusof shared an adorable video of her son Daniel exploring dentistry with enrichment toys. “And y’all thought dentistry was hard,” she laughed in her caption.

In the video, Daniel explained how one knows if they have a cavity, “You get your magnifying glass, and you inspect the colours of the teeth. For example, this is white, this is white, this is grey, oh no, you have a cavity!” The mother-of-three laughed along with Daniel’s explanation in the video, responding at the right time and encouraging him further as he demonstrated how to pull out a tooth.

5. Siti Nurhaliza

Not many of us can achieve this, but filming a music video with her daughter Siti Aafiyah Khalid is what Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza did during the pandemic.

Sharing the behind-the-scenes of the music video for her song "Anakanda" on Instagram, Nurhaliza is seen having fun on set with her three-year-old daughter. She had also done various endorsements and photoshoots with her daughter, demonstrating their adorable mother-daughter bond on and off-set.

6. Sofia Andres

Filipino actress Sofia Andres’ daughter Zoe Natalia Miranda seems to have taken up singing during the pandemic. In the video above, her photogenic baby sang along to a tune, and Andres wrote in her caption that “Our future singer here”. As Zoe uses “da da” while she sings, the actress added that she “could’ve been better if she said mama.”

With over 423,000 followers on her Instagram, we are sure baby Zoe will be achieving more remarkable accomplishments with her mama in due time.

7. Anne Curtis

Documenting her daughter growing up on her Instagram is what Filipina-Australian actress Anne Curtis regularly does. Be it making breakfast, going on family getaways, or showing off baby Dahlia Amélie’s difficult toys selection process, Curtis’ fans can take a peek at the family of three’s lives regularly.

Again, not something easily achievable for us was how Curtis scored a commercial with her daughter, but still managed to spend more time with baby Dahlia even while working!


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