Cecilia Liu rumoured to star in TV remake of "Last Romance"

11 Mar – Rumour has it that Cecilia Liu may be joining the cast of the 1988 hit film, "Last Romance" remake.

As reported on HK01, the actress was among the many names that have been floating around to play a big role in the TV adaptation, aside from stars like Ni Ni, Faye Yu, and Tony Yang.

It was alleged that Cecilia may be playing the role of Jiang Nan Sun, which was originally portrayed by Maggie Cheung.

The 1988 film was adapted from a Hong Kong novel about two friends - Zhu Suo Suo (Cherie Chung) and Jiang Nan Sun who became close after the latter's family decided to take care of the former.

It is noted that a TV adaptation has been planned as early as 2017, with actresses' Ni Ni and Betty Sun Li in mind as the two lead roles. However, the latter reportedly had turned down the offer due to other obligations.

No official confirmation has been made by the studio, New Classic Media, which helmed many hit series like "Joy of Life" and "Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace".

(Photo Source: tianya999)