Cecilia Cheung kicked off flight for causing commotion?

11 Mar – Rumour has it that Cecilia Cheung, her brother and her children were kicked off their flight after causing a commotion with a flight attendant.

As reported on Mingpao, a netizen recently claimed that the incident occurred earlier this week inside the Business Class cabin of a plane bound for Hong Kong from Thailand.

The actress, who was carrying her son Marcus on the walkway, was reportedly alerted by a flight attendant that she was blocking the path. However, the netizen added that Cecilia didn't mean to block the path, just that she was moving slower as she was carrying her baby.

The incident sparked a whole commotion, said the source, and caused other passengers to get agitated. It was said that Cecilia's brother also joined in on the argument, which resulted in the whole family being escorted out by security personnel.

Although the actress didn't say anything about the incident, she did post a photo on social media of her and her three children looking tired, writing, "Long trip".

The media tried to contact Cecilia's manager to address the rumour, but there hasn't been any reply for the time being.

(Photo Source: Cecilia Cheung Instagram)