Cecilia Cheung doesn't regret choosing children over career

23 May – Cecilia Cheung is not one to weep over the loss of her acting career, as she recently revealed on the mainland talk show, "Middle Me".

As reported on Mingpao, the mother of three, who sat down for an interview recently, stated that she believes she gained a lot more from letting go of her acting career during her heyday, as she is now a mother to three great children.

"I wouldn't have my kids if I focused on making money and chasing after the height of my career. Watching them grow up is more important than that. In ten years' time, I won't have to do anything. My sons will take care of me, and I would be very happy," she said.

Cecilia also joked that she would like to have more children in the future, so that she will not miss his sons as soon as they grow up and leave the house.

"I really love children. I have wanted to be a mother since I was eight. When I see them, the world feels more beautiful," she gushed.

(Photo Source: China Daily)