Cartier revisits the emblematic rose in its fragrance for women and men

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(PHOTO: Cartier)
(PHOTO: Cartier)

Mathilde Laurent, Cartier’s perfumer, hates the archetype of the rose—an emblem of femininity withered before it blooms—and desires to give it back its true nature. For the new beauty campaign, she brings back the scent in three acts: Pure Rose for the Les Épures de Parfum Collection (a fully naked rose), L'Heure Osée for Les Heures de Parfum (a punk rose), Oud and Pink for Les Heures Voyageuses (a shocking, androgynous rose in a tuxedo).

L’Heure Osée, Les Heures de Parfum Collection

Not to be associated with all things girly, baby doll, pastel pink or layettes, this pink rose is blushing and bright and boasts only four letters: dare.

Pure Rose, Les Épures de Parfum Collection

We could devour it, now, raw, naked. A raw rose found in nature, bursting with life and essence that pulsates with freshness and permeates the nostrils.

Oud et Pink, Les Heures Voyageuses Collection

This rose plays with gender, mixing the floral and the masculine, the rough with the smooth; a male rose. The scent is made for women who flirt with contradiction and adore men's fragrance.

Each Haute Parfumerie fragrance bottle measures 75ml and is available for sale in February 2021 at Cartier boutiques.