Carrie Fisher’s Dog Gary is Stealing the ‘Star Wars’ Spotlight

Jordan Zakarin
Yahoo Movies

Carrie and Gary Fisher (Twitter)

As the Star Wars: The Force Awakens press tour ramped up last week, the cast remained impressively disciplined about avoiding any spoilers. Luckily, fans have been distracted by the adorable hijinks of Gary Fisher, the French bulldog and comedic prop owned by returning Star Wars centerpiece Carrie Fisher.

Since the original Star Wars trilogy, Fisher has done some of her best work in comedic memoirs and one-woman shows, and her wit has been front and center in recent weeks. So has Gary, who has accompanied Fisher every step of the way. His breakout moment came during an appearance on Good Morning America, when his floppy tongue charmed audiences nationwide and seemed to help inspire Carrie Fisher to start a Twitter account for the pup (she hasn’t taken credit, but retweets it quite often); Gary’s second tweet ever, posted on Dec. 4, called the interview “quite boring and pedantic.”

Yep, this canine has sharp teeth.

He also made a well-received appearance on Live with Kelly & Michael:

Much of the Twitter feed is devoted to quips like the one about GMA, as well as photoshopped images of Gary in Star Wars scenes, like the two below.

The addition of J.J. Walker from Good Times is a dyno-mite touch.

Presumably, it’s Fisher writing the tweets; hopefully, she’s also doing the Photoshop work, because there’s nothing funnier than picturing her searching the internet for gag photos of J.J. Walker.

Fans have also gotten into the Gary spirit, leading to drawings like the one below, of Gary as an Ewok:

While many fans are just meeting Gary now, he’s been a featured player in Fisher’s Twitter feed for a year and a half now. He traveled the world with the actress, as evidenced by this wonderful photo of him at Mardi Gras:

So sure, Star Wars already has an adorable new character in BB-8. But here’s hoping Lucasfilm can find a part for Gary in Episode VIII.