Carrie Able Premieres New Single 'Lady Prodigy' and a Live Exhibition

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The word music means different things to different people, depending on their experiences; to some, it is a representation of art, others see it purely as entertainment, and others see music as food for their weary souls. However, whatever meaning is attributed to music, one common denominator in every musical note ever sung or written is that music is the conversation an artist has with his innermost self and, when projected, connects with the listeners’ innermost thoughts and provokes a particular emotion. Multidisciplinary artist and musician Carrie Able states that she “creates art as a daily physiological necessity and wishes for her work to bring joy, comfort, and hope to others as it does for her.” After her last single, which she recorded alone with her iPhone, hit 1.3 million streams, Able released a new single and music video on Oct 1st. NYC-based fans saw her perform the new single live at Mercury Lounge on Oct 2nd.

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Carrie Able is a multidisciplinary visual artist, songwriter, and singer whose music career is on the rise after a series of singles that fans and listeners have found relatable. Music for Able began five years ago as an extension of her art career. When she was growing up, suffering many health problems and surgeries, she was too sick to be able to play an instrument. She regularly drew in bed and gained her first creative success as a visual artist. Her older brother's music preferences greatly impacted Able, who introduced her to bands like Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, and Nine Inch Nails.

Carrie Able released her new single, “Lady Prodigy,” on October 1st. The single, a reflective ballad that tells deeply personal stories of Able’s experience as a female creative. The lyrics, according to her, follow a melody of empowerment, noting the need for women to claim ownership over their creations continually. According to Isabel Draves, the founder of Creative Tech Week, “The lyrics of ‘Lady Prodigy’ have to be her favorite lyrics by Able, based on their universal relatability.”

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“Lady Prodigy” is Able’s fourth single release of 2021, following the international success of “Needle in the Head,” which achieved over 1.3 million streams in the first five weeks of release and considering the level of anticipation fans had for the single, there is no doubt that the Universal appeal and relatability of the single will transcend that of her previous singles.

Also, immediately after the release of “Lady Prodigy,” Carrie took to the stage at Mercury Lounge on October 2 in New York City, delivering a live performance of the song and premiering the music video. Able’s showcase at Mercury Lounge also featured examples of her virtual reality paintings and the launch of 3D printed wearable sculptures. Able gave the live audience a taste of what is to come at her most significant international solo exhibition, opening April 2022 at the Venice Biennale.

Able’s 2022 exhibition is commissioned by the European Cultural Center (ECC), where she will debut not only her album but a selection of paintings, volumetric sculptures, and additional Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences. A spokesperson of the organization said, “[She is] our first exhibiting multimedia artist to simultaneously bridge the worlds of music, dance, traditional oil painting, poetry, and mixed reality with all of her works. She weaves disciplines together to build a world of her own, which she invites us to step inside.”

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