Carman Lee has no qualms collaborating with Louis Koo again

28 Nov– Hong Kong actress Carman Lee has no qualms about working with Louis Koo again in the future, two decades after gaining love of fans for their chemistry on the 1995 series, "The Condor Heroes 95".

As reported on ET Today, the actress, who spoke about her past collaboration with Louis at an event in China recently, stated that sharing the screen with Louis would be great not only for them, but for the fans as well.

"We have to see if there is any opportunity. It would be great to give everybody a beautiful memory. I would look forward to it too if I am a viewer," she said.

Carman's only condition is that the actor won't cast her as his sister, stressing that it would not be received well by the audience.

On the topic of their chemistry as Little Dragon Girl and Yang Guo in the said series, the actress denied that they were dating at the time, and that their chemistry was just a product of their serious performance.

"After filming, I would always leave my character behind. I just think the audiences were very invested in the characters. Little Dragon Girl might have loved Yang Guo, but once filming is over, you have to leave it," she said.

(Photo Source: ET Today)