Carlo Aquino wants to be friends with Angelica Panganiban again

5 Mar – Although it seems that actress Angelica Panganiban doesn't want to have anything to do with Carlo Aquino anymore, the latter is hopeful that they can be friends again someday.

As reported on Inquirer, the actor who had a falling out with the actress following the news of his new romance with model Trina Candaza, stated that he really cherished their friendship during an appearance at an event held by Beautederm.

"It's a pity. Angelica is a good and kind person," he added.

Asked if they still talk to each other, Aquino said that the two of them are civil to one another whenever they meet by chance.

"There is no awkwardness, at least not on my part, because Angge and I have known each other for a long time," he said.

The actor also would like to work with Panganiban again, after the success of their 2018 film, "Exes Baggage", saying that they were happy when they collaborated in the movie.

"I just don't know whether our bosses or the audience would like that or would have violent reactions. I think [a reunion project] is possible, but not in the near future," he added.

(Photo Source: Carlo Aquino Instagram)