Carina Lau says sorry for alleging Laurinda Ho is married

Heidi Hsia
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30 Apr – Carina Lau recently expressed her apology for mistakenly saying that Hong Kong socialite Laurinda Ho is now married.

As reported on Mingpao, the issue sparked after the actress was interviewed by a mainland media about working as a host for the new show, "Comparison" for the first time, to which she revealed that her first guest would be the aforementioned daughter of the late casino tycoon Stanley Ho.

"I've met her when she was very young and now she is married to a well-known actor in China. During this process, I would like to know some of her thoughts and dreams for the future, and how she came through this process of Chinese and Western cultural exchanges," she said.

Although she didn't name the person Laurinda supposedly married, it is already public knowledge that the socialite is dating mainland actor Shawn Dou.

Carina's statement surprised many, who immediately recalled Laurinda's previous interview - in which she said that she would not get married anytime soon as she is still mourning the death of her father who passed away in May last year.

Laurinda and Shawn Dou have been dating since 2019
Laurinda and Shawn Dou have been dating since 2019

The actress had since released an apology on Weibo, writing, "I'm very sorry. I said in an interview recently that Laurinda and Shaw Dou are married. It was a beautiful misunderstanding. I'm very sorry to trouble the two of you. I wish you all happiness."

Laurinda had since forwarded Carina's apology on her social media, and wrote, "If there is good news, I will notify everyone."

(Photo Source: Carina Lau Instagram, Laurinda Ho Instagram)