Candlescape – Singapore’s first Candle “Cafe” where only the camera eats

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Have you heard of the phrase “food almost too pretty to eat”? That is exactly what Candlescape offers. Candlescape, located in Chinatown, is a Singapore-based candle company that sells premium candles with different scents.

They will be opening their first shop on 29 May 2022.

A picture of an afternoon tea set candle, and a 2kg cake candle
Credit – Candlescape

“Do NOT Eat, is what we have to keep reminding our customers,” says Annie Lin, the founder of Candlescape.

Resembling pastries and cakes, their candles look so realistic, that even I am tempted to take a bite out of them! Items such as Ice cream Dessert Candle cost S$48 and was created in time for Valentine’s Day.

A picture of a candle milkshake, and candle macarons
Credit – Candlescape

The candles by Candlescape are eco-friendly, renewable, sustainable and carbon-neutral. Additionally, they are made of soy wax, and well-made soy candles will burn cleanly and slowly, allowing the lifespan of the candle to increase. The fragrances used are phthalate-free and adhere to RIFM and IFRA standards for safety and purity.

Candlescape offers candle refills, thus one can reuse the candle cup by simply adding in a new scented candle.

A photo of two Candlescape staff at SingHealth Community Hospital
Credit – Candlescape

During the pandemic, in order to thank the tireless healthcare workers and hospital staff, Candlescape donated over 500 candles and diffusers to our frontliners.

They specifically engineered candles and diffusers to provide a relaxing ambience and calm one’s mind. The candles and diffusers were then handmade by local volunteers, and various Singapore companies pledged to donate these sweet-smelling gestures to hospital staff.  

A picture of Candlescape's candle workshops
Credit – Candlescape

Besides selling ready-made candles, candle lovers can try their hand at making their own candles at Candlescape’s workshops. Customers can work with soy candles, beeswax candles and customised candles. Workshops usually last for two hours and are conducted in group settings.

One can book Candlescape’s workshops by contacting them at +65 8168 2577 or heading to their website. Custom candles can also be made at their physical store in Chinatown.

Now, one can snap away at the “food” till their hearts’ content without the withering stares of their hungry friends. After all, the candles cannot be eaten.

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