Candice Yu slowly recovering from injured ribs

12 Nov – Candice Yu recently revealed that she is still recovering from her injuries sustained after an accident during her holiday.

As reported on On CC, the actress, who spoke to the media at the premiere of her new movie, "Missing", shared that she previously fell into the water while on a river cruise and suffered some fractured ribs.

"Initially, it was difficult to sleep and I always had to take painkillers. I also couldn't move too much and had to get my domestic helper to assist me with my shirt," she said.

Candice said that the doctors previously told her that it would take her eight weeks to fully heal.

"I have been doing my own regular exercises, so the recovery had been quicker than expected," she added.

However, the actress is glad that her situation did not affect her work as much, and that she only had to cancel some birthday dinners.

On the other hand, when speaking about working with Gillian Chung again nearly 17 years since "The Spy Dad", Candice couldn't help but praised the actress for her improvement.

"I think she is more mature now. Her acting has also improved a lot," she added.

(Photo Source: HK01)