Cameron Diaz birthday special: Let's dive into her famous flicks

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Cameron Diaz birthday special: Let
Cameron Diaz birthday special: Let

30 Aug 2021: Cameron Diaz birthday special: Let's dive into her famous flicks

Cameron Diaz turns 49 today! She debuted opposite a legend like Jim Carrey, but caught attention for her energetic portrayal in The Mask. Before retiring from acting officially in 2018, she stunned us numerous times with her acting calibre. One such film is Being John Malkovich, where she gets in touch with her sexual identity. On her birthday, let's celebrate her other notable films.

#1: 'There's Something About Mary': Diaz is everyone's dream girl

There's Something About Mary has Diaz playing Mary Jensen, a character who is the dream girl of all the four men involved. She won hearts in this romantic outing, and her performance led her to win New York Film Critics, MTV Movie, American Comedy, and Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Best Actress. She also got a Golden Globe nod for this 1998 release.

#2: 'Gangs of New York': Diaz stepped out of comfort zone

Martin Scorsese's historical drama Gangs of New York featured Diaz as Jenny, who has been described as a "criminal who worked as a grifter." Dressed as a maid, she constantly looks out for wealthy men to sustain herself, but chooses to live with Amsterdam Vallon, son of an immigrant. For this movie, Diaz went out of her comfort zone, and won huge critical praise.

#3: 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas': Diaz played a journalist

Led by stalwarts like Johnny Depp and Benicio del Toro, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was directed by Terry Gilliam. Diaz, still relatively new, didn't stand a chance of getting recognized, had it not been Diaz! Her cameo as a TV reporter was effective and made her stand out among all. The film was a financial dud, but gained cult following eventually.

#4: 'My Sister's Keeper': Played a grieving mother with perfection

Nick Cassavetes' directorial My Sister's Keeper was a gloomy story, and Diaz breathed life into her character, that of a grieving mother. She loses her child to acute promyelocytic leukemia, and has to fight it through. Playing a mum of three wasn't cumbersome for Diaz, because she wanted to portray this "woman and what her life experience was." And, she was stellar in it.

#5: 'The Holiday': Diaz portrays role of a lovelorn woman

The Holiday spins around two lovelorn women, Kate Winslet as Iris Simpkins, and Diaz as Amanda Woods. Amanda struggles to deal with her unfaithful boyfriend. Even after her life becomes complicated, she decides to give another chance to her love and try making it work. And for this, the two ladies swap their homes. Though predictable, the film was liked by people.

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