Cally Kwong celebrates Lunar New Year with the elderly

29 Jan – Despite news of the Novel Coronavirus outbreak plaguing the city, Cally Kwong decided to continue with her Lunar New Year tradition of entertaining the elderly.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress who appeared at a nursing home alongside fellow colleagues that include Penny Chan and Michael Wai, stated that she didn't want to disappoint the elders, which is why she decided to go through with the activities.

"But at the request of the nursing home, we didn't bring photographers together like in the past. We also simplified the games," she said.

When it was pointed out that she did not wear a surgical mask at all, Cally assured that she is very health conscious.

"It's a serious situation. Everybody needs to rest and drink more water. I don't wear a mask, but I wash my hands thoroughly and rest more. It helps in enhancing your immunity," she said, adding that people should also make sure not to hoard all the masks and be more considerate to one another.

The actress then stressed that the most important thing in battling the current situation is to always be cheerful and have a positive outlook on life.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)