It's Called a "Spa Porch" And It's Coming To a House Near You

a tub and a couch on a deck
10 Outdoor Room Trends Designers Are Obsessed WithMargaret Wright

If you’re fortunate enough to have an outdoor space of your own, you’re going to want to take full advantage of all the design possibilities that this entails. Are you craving an outdoor fireplace of sorts? Maybe a chic entertaining setup complete with a TV and cocktail-making station?

Interior designers are well versed when it comes to what’s trending outside too. Below, 10 pros chime in to share some of their favorite looks that are making waves in backyards and front yards alike. Use these insights to fuel your inspiration as you plan out the outdoor gathering (or lounging!) setup of your dreams.

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Outdoor Tubs

“My husband and I reinvented a screened-in porch at our home we rarely used by adding a tub and naming it the ‘spa porch,’” says designer Megan Molten. “It is filled with plants we've collected and is truly magical at night.” Molten has since received many requests from clients desiring a similar setup. “Adding plumbing outdoors is typically very doable, making this an easy and very satisfying addition for any bath lovers,” she explains.

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a tub and a couch on a deck
Margaret Wright

Outdoor Fireplaces

“The fireplace terrace is the focal point of the rear yard and has a lovely view of the house,” Joseph Richardson, founder of Richardson & Associates Landscape Architecture, says of this backyard setup. Richardson appreciates how the limewashed fireplace, which is lined with luxe herringbone brick, will “will take on a nice patina over time.”

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a stone fireplace in a yard
Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Front Yard Patios

Patios are no longer solely for the back of the home—Lindley Arthur, founder of Lindley Arthur Interiors, is seeing them in the front yard too. “This newly popular conversation area allows parents to watch the kids play in the yard and get to know neighbors,” she says.

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front yard patio in bluestone
Nathan Schroder

Youthful Elements

Embrace simpler times by weaving favorite elements of your childhood backyard into your current space. “My client told me about her fond memories of swinging on a big tree swing when she was a kid; it brought a calming effect and made her feel safe, which resulted in a daybed swing being one of the first items on our must-have list for her home,” explains Viki Chupik, the founder of Chupik Design. “A backyard should be an escape to relax and find immense happiness in everyday life, so seeing more clients moving toward this is exciting.”

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a room with a large glass wall
Ryann Ford

Collected-Looking Spaces

Gone are the days of matching furniture sets in the backyard. “Curating a mix of textures and materials such as wood, woven, and metal pieces will result in a unique space that doesn’t look like a ‘set’ of furnishings, and pillows with pattern and color bring another opportunity to highlight your personality,” says Roz Murphy, founder of Roz Murphy Design. Clara Jung, the founder of Banner Day Interiors, which designed this space, expresses similar sentiments. “Using outdoor furniture pieces from different makers is a way of thinking we’ve embraced,” she says.

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outdoor patio in the desert
Christopher Stark for Banner Day Interiors

Entertaining-Ready Cabanas

Sabah Mansoor, founder of Sabah Mansoor Design, curated a multifunctional cabana featuring all of the outdoor lounging essentials, which one can enjoy whether relaxing solo or hosting a crowd. “It includes a sitting area, wall-mounted TV, marble counter bar, built-in grill, sink, and other kitchen amenities,” she says. “Ambient lighting allows for the ease of transitioning from day to evening.”

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a swimming pool with a lounge chair and umbrella
Sen Creative

Inset Hot Tubs

By opting for an inset hot tub on this balcony, Marnie Oursler, founder of Marnie Custom Homes, made sure that her clients could more easily enter and exit the tub and fully appreciate the surrounding scenery (the lower placement of the tub ensures that it doesn’t interfere with the view of the beach).

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a pool on a deck
Dana Hoff

Luxurious Screen Porches

When designing your screen porch, don’t be afraid to outfit it with traditional indoor elements. “Whether that means hanging mirrors on the wall or curtains along the openings, an outdoor room allows your taste for layers to really blossom, since you don’t have to worry as much about rain and wind,” says Caroline Kopp, founder of Caroline Kopp Interior Design.

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a table with potted plants
Rikki Snyder

Low-Maintenance Living

Not everyone is looking to outfit their outdoor space with luxe pieces—for some, low-maintenance solutions will better suit their lifestyle. Tracee Murphy, founder of Trade Mark Interiors, is all about “implementing high-performance fabrics and materials that can withstand kids, pets, and entertaining.”

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low maintenance porch
Amy Lamb

Cocktail Corners

Don’t hesitate to add a bar cart to your outdoor space if you have the room for one. “Styling a bar cart is not only great for entertaining, but can create an eye-catching vignette to add interest by layering trays, ice buckets, plants, and vintage pieces,” Murphy says.

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a living room with a fireplace

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