Cai Xukun enrols in University of Leeds' School of Music

15 Nov – It was reported that Chinese idol singer Cai Xukun has recently enrolled in a music academy overseas.

As reported on Tencent, rumours of the singer studying abroad sparked earlier this month, when some netizens claimed that the NINE PERCENT member will take a hiatus from his showbiz career to study at the Leeds College of Music in the United Kingdom.

Sources claimed that Cai has even rented a two-room apartment in the city and will be accompanied by his mother.

Many expressed doubt over the rumours, saying that it was impossible that the singer will leave showbiz when his popularity is on the rise. However, some noted that Cai had previously shared in an interview that he would like to take some time off to pursue his studies.

On the morning of 11 November, Cai updated his social media account with a photo of him at a park surrounded by autumn leaves. Several netizens later confirmed that the photo was taken at the University of Leeds.

This was later confirmed by several students from the same university, who claimed to have seen the singer around the area. They stated that Cai has enrolled in the university's School of Music, and not the Leeds College of Music as previously rumoured.